Why You Should Replace Your Old Wood Double Hung Windows

It’s important to properly measure your windows. If you get them organized too small, you are going to finish up having to improvise to urge them to figure. albeit you are doing get them to figure, you’re likely to possess problems. And if you get them organized too big, you’re really in trouble. the likelihood is that you’ll be ordering more windows. So, measuring is extremely important. Fortunately, it is also very simple. We are handling old double-hung wood windows here, so if that does not apply to you, don’t be concerned. Future articles will discuss other sorts of windows. within the case of the wood sash windows, you would like to live the width first, and height second. once you go shopping for windows, always give the size as WIDTH X HEIGHT. to live your width, you would like to tug a tape from the highest right corner to the highest left corner. Measure therein 1 1/2″ pocket that the framework slides in. Measure to the sixteenth of an in. Do the same thing at about the midway point, right above where the window locks. Then, raise the rock bottom sash and take an equivalent measurement at rock bottom. If you cannot raise the window for whatever reason, go outside and measure from there. you’ll need to remove the screen though.

The majority of the time all three of these measurements are going to be equivalent. If they are not equivalent, use the SMALLESTmeasurement. Now subtract 1/4″ from that measurement. this is often your width for the new window. the peak may be a bit tricky. If your windowsill outside slopes downward for water drainage, you’ve got to form sure that you simply measure from the very best Point of the sill. you would like to measure from the highest right corner to the rock bottom right corner. Put your tape at the highest where the upper sash closes. If rock bottom features a 5/8″ high inside wood sill piece to stop water from coming inside, you would like to boost the rock bottom sash and run the tape past the 5/8″ sill and right down to the part of the sloped sill. do that within the middle and on the left. once more, take the littlest measurement, but this time deduct 3/16″. this is often your height. If you order your windows using these dimensions, they will fit right in, and leave just enough room to regulate if needed. the ultimate step is to live the depth of the pocket where both sashes slide. By depth, I mean from the point outside where the highest sash rests against the surface wood stop to the purpose inside where the within sash rests against the inside top. This measurement should be between 3 1/4″- 3 1/2″. the rationale you would like to understand this dimension is because not all replacement windows have a 3 1/4″ depth frame. you would like a replacement window that’s getting to fit right into the prevailing pocket of the wood frame. If you purchase a window with a 2 5/8″ frame depth, you are going to possess approximately 3/4″ to fill. meaning buying new wood stops for the inside of the house that is 3/4″ wider than the prevailing stops. Get the three 1/4″ frames and save yourself tons of additional work. Now, if you’re on a very tight budget, the lower grade windows are going to be the two 5/8″ frames, and you’ll need to get the broader trim. But that something you ought to weigh in your mind, whether the cash saved on the lesser grade window is well worth the extra expense and time of installing new stops round the inside all of your windows.

So, now you’ve got the measurements and it is time to travel shopping. What do you have to search for to understand you’re getting quality windows? A high-quality double-hung replacement window will have tilt-in sashes that allow you to wash the outside glass from inside the house. All double-hung windows have a mechanism that keeps the window within the open position. The better windows use a state-of-the-art mechanism referred to as a continuing force balance coil. All replacement windows will have a window, meaning there are going to be two panes of glass each sash separated by a 1/2″-5/8″ spacer material around the fringe of the unit. a top-quality window will use an intercept spacer or something called an excellent spacer. determine the U-Value of the window. The lower the amount, the higher the insulating properties. you would like a window with a U-Value under .40. there’s a special glass called LowE which will lower that U-Value number. Most quality windows include LowE as standard. Those are the most things to ask about when shopping. Get rid of your old double-hung windows  today!

On the other end of the standard spectrum, you’ll buy a cheap replacement window that will not have the tilt-in feature. The mechanism that holds the window open will contains a block and tackle assembly made from a spring and string. Another mechanism in lower quality windows is named a spiral tube balance. These lesser-grade assemblies are notorious for failing after 5-10 years. The spacer material used on lower quality windows is going to be aluminum or something called swiggle seal. and lots of times the U-Value of those lower grade windows is going to be up around .50. The thing to recollect is that a window that uses an excellent spacer quite likely isn’t getting to use a block and tackle balance system. it might be like buying a replacement car with a leather interior and no power window and door locks. Follow Checklist Maids site guidelines and you’ll have an honest idea of what quality you’re buying. Once you create the choice and buy your windows, it is time to get them home and remove your old windows. Next week I will be able to tell you ways to get rid of the old wood windows.