bay window replacement mansfield tx Ah, bay windows. Even the name inspires a confidence and conjures up a certain image. But what is that image you might ask? Well, it is different for everyone probably. But if bay windows have seats beneath them, they always feel like a special part of the house. For some of us, bay windows suggest an afternoon or serene silence, with a book in your lap and the sun shining through the window, with your feet up on the cushions and the afternoon hours winding away in peace. For others, it feels more like two friends chatting and drinking into the night – thats the great thing about bay windows with chairs, you can sit opposite each other and talk. Still others might see them more as a playroom feature, with toys lying strewn on the floor and animal pillows against the wall under stickers on the windows above. Or, lastly, we might like to image a Jane Austen figure looking out over the fields, forlornly watching the rain trickle in rivulets down the window pane. 

Ok, Ok, forgive us for the indulgent opening. If you work with windows for long enough and you see them installed in enough homes, you start to think of them as a corner of life rather than just another piece of furniture. It is true through – bay windows make a great feature in any home. They give it character and if you want to talk about a seat beneath the window, they immediately become a new area for relaxing and enjoying yourselves in your home. What’s not to like?

Practical Benefits of Bay Windows

Having said that – we here you. It’s all well and good getting rosy about the implications of bay windows but what are they? And what are the practical benefits? Well, we’re glad you asked, allow us to explain. 

Bay windows are the type of windows that project outwardly from the sides of the houses we live in. They have that rustic and historic look – like they were built by Tudor or Stuart architects. They are typically made up of a central window and side windows in any kind of pattern. The central window is also normally fixed. Bay windows have a deep still area that is great for benches or for displays or for plants. 

As for the benefits, well: they are very, very good for natural light because they are so big. But also because their shape allows for light to enter from many different directions. You are getting diagonal as well as straight light which means you attract the sun’s rays no matter where it is in the sky, from sunrise to sunset. Because of that, they also offer the prospect of great ventilation. You have the option of two windows rather than one being open. Finally, the add considerable value to every home. They are stylish and useful and worth it, just as an investment. 

If you want to talk about installing bay windows, the most important step is the inspection. Not every house can take them. So, get in touch now to find out if you are one of the lucky ones. 

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