What is the one drawback of windows? Normally, that you can’t walk through them. That is why they have to be elevated to eyesight level. This means that windows are restricted to viewing portals or air spaces. What is a similar drawback of doors? You can’t see them. Why is this a problem? It would always be a nice thing to see who is approaching. There is a modern first world anxiety build around not wanting to answer the door to a mystery knocker. It solves that problem. Who would have thought that there was a solution that could merge these two problematic household appliances into one super-feature that solves both problems whilst creating a portal that combines the best of two worlds?

Well, there is another bit of good news. It is the wonderful, the mythical sliding glass door. Some people refer to them as French doors, but that normally doesn’t involve the sliding feature. No, these beauties are one of a kind and whatever place you live in, they make a stylish and practical addition to the home that adds a new element to your life as well.

Why Should You Get Sliding Glass Doors?

Well, put simply, visit, they make you spend more time outside. They provide an impetus to get out in amongst the greenery, where the world feels very different. It seems like they shouldn’t because normally all you have to do is find the key and open the door. But, you would be surprised about how enticing a walk in nature looks if you are constantly looking at it through a great window feature.

The also make better use of space than normal doors or windows. This is because they normally have one stationary panel and one sliding panel. You are able to fit both a great window and a beautiful sliding door into the same, relatively small space. It is a great way of capitalizing on both ideas whilst not using any more space.

Our Process

We have been fitting sliding doors for long enough now to know which formula works best. The first thing that normally happens is that the customer will approach us and then we will listen to their ideas and their description of the space. Or, if they give us measurements the we can take them down and we can draw up a plan and some initial ideas right then and there.

Then, it is your turn to look over our proposals. We normally give the client a bit of time to do this as we find that it helps if they are totally sure before any work begins. Kitchen remodeling services in Fort Collins with a contractor’s license. After all is afreed and we have a time-frame as well as a budget to work with, we can do what we do best and get to work. We will never go over the deadlines we set and if we do, there will be a very good reason for it. At the end, you will have a lovely new sliding door to enjoy.

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