Glass is fragile. So is wood if you leave it for long enough. Therefore, windows are liable to break quite often. It is unfortunate, but a lot of the materials we use that are fragile are also the best for window-making. Everyone has a broken window story if they think hard enough. For us, it often comes back to playing sport in the garden. We can remember quite vividly being told several times by our parents to be careful of the windows when tossing a football or playing basketball. But, as is always the case with youths and their lack of spatial and self-awareness, the warnings fell on deaf ears. 

That is another thing about windows – the sound they make when they break. It is not like wood, which might split but it always feels like a slow and drawn out breakage. Nope. With windows, you can hear it very clearly and very suddenly. When we were kids and the window broke, you can hear it shatter through your core as well. It is not a nice sound because broken glass is dangerous and you can’t live comfortably with a broken window in the house for very long, because of security, cold and obviously, problems of style! 

We Have You Covered!
But never fear, according to yorleny’s cleaning service we have you covered in these situations. If you experience a window breakage, we are able to come to your house or building in a speedy manner and get it fixed up before you know it (Or before mum gets home!). It is a good idea to get a window fixed as quickly as possible for many reasons, not least for insurance purposes incase of a break in. A broken window leaves you as an easy target for burglars and squatters! So, get in touch now and we will help you get it sorted before it becomes much more of a headache than it needs to. 

Our Process
Well, it is not always a job that responds to newly broken windows (thank god). Often, we are called in because a window has a crack in it, or it is on the verge of breaking. Maybe the wood is rotten, maybe the glass has gone foggy. In any case, the solution is to get the glass (or the whole thing replaced). So, the first thing that we can do is obviously to speak with you and work out what the job will entail and what the extent of the damage is. 

Then, we will come and perform a routine inspection. We will take measurements, clean up a bit if necessary, and get together enough information to draw up a plan. When that is done we will propose it to you and you can look over the timescale we have proposed, the pricing and then you can agree to the work. Once this has all been completed, we can come in and do what we do best: get to work! Sound good? Save our number now to make sure you have it ready!

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