picture windows mansfield tx Though this is a relatively new idea and technology, there is something that is very old school in its ethos. Picture windows simply couldn’t exist a century ago because they required too much glass in a single pain and this would not have been strong enough to withstand the barrage of nature’s elements as well as the natural wear and tear of the wood that would have kept it in place. Now, we have the tools and the know-how to make this job easy. A great effect is achieved by it and it is becoming an increasingly popular option in apartments as well as in houses with discerning, stylish owners. 

But What Are They?
Picture windows are not the kinds you find in churches, or at the amusement part, where you look into a window and see something else staring back at you. No, in fact, they are no different from other windows in what they are designed to take in. The only difference is the access to the light and the colour that picture windows provide. If you want a clear view through to nature, with a clear and still framing of a piece of the view, then picture windows are the perfect choice for you. Put simply, they are fixed frames with unobstructed glass to allow the full extend of the view to shine on through. It isn’t split or altered or crossed in any way at all. 

Why Do People Choose Them?

Well, if you home already has good ventilation (and most do) and you want to increase the light and the beauty with a window but you don’t want to increase the risk of a draught or a chill, then picture windows are perfect. Typically, they don’t open, which means they are fixed features and you can enjoy them without having to fiddle with them constantly. Also, they help to generate a great illusion – the indoor/ outdoor space illusion. If you are walking through a hotel in a hot country, you will notice that not many of them have windows or walls in the lobby. It is a beautiful effect and this is the closest thing you’ll get to it in the residential market. But, most importantly, it is all about the view. There is no better way to enjoy nature from your home than by making it the unobstructed focal point of a room. If you think you have a view to brag about, then you should get a picture window installed to give it the expansive attention that it deserves. 

Good News!

The good news is that we can do that for you! We have the tools and the expertise to make sure that it is a great success every single time. If you want a great new view, if you want a unique feature for your home or if you want to be the envy of friends and guests, then a picture window is a great way to do it. Get in touch today for a free quote. 

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